H4 Extenstion query

Background: I got my I-140 approval and H1 transfer for next 3 years.

H4 extenstion not apply for further 3 years. Current status: Valid.

Question: we are planning to visit home country before I-797 and I94 expiration so in that case,

Shall H4 dependent can apply visa in their home coutry with using of H1 I-797 Approval notice and I-140 approval and can re-enter in united state?

So in that case i need not to apply for further extension for H4 dependent in united state. right?

All suggesstion/ guidance are welcome.

Yes, though the H4 stamping will be based on H1B I-797, I-140 is not required.

Correct. CBP will issue I-94 at the entry. You apply for extension of status before the I-94 expires or with the next H1B extension.

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