H4 got visa stamping until 2025 but h1b has validity only until Oct 2022. How EAD extension works?

Hi - I am in H1B with the visa validity until Oct 2022. My H1B extension is in progress. Meanwhile my wife went for H4 dropbox few weeks before and she got her Visa stamped until July 2025. She is coming back to US next week. She also has H4 EAD valid only until Oct 2022. So if i apply for H4 EAD extension now would the case be validated against H4 I94 or it will wait until H1B extension approval ? My wife is not having physical I797 with the new validity date - July 2025.

Based on her visa stamp , looks like your H1B extension is approved. Once she is back you can file H4 EAD before the existing expires and get 540 days automatic extension.

I have applied my H1B extension just before 20 days and it is still pending. She is not having physical I797A now. Lets see they will wait for my H1B extension or go with her I94.