I have got H1B Approval through COS in last year. After a month by mistake we have filed for H4 transfer with my spouse H1B transfer.
We didnt know that my status changed from H1B to H4. Continuing my work on H1B visa till now and when i got opportunity through other employer realized that I am on H4.
Could you please suggest how can i proceed further.

@anil_am22 , @Kalpesh_Dalwadi .

Could you please suggest me how to proceed further.

Please consider this as urgent and give me the suggestion.

Can anyone respond it please. Its very urgent and suggest me how to proceed further?

It is better to consult an attorney for your situation as there may be many case details that would need to be considered to take next step.

One thing you can do is go out of US and return using H1B visa to get back to H1B.