H4 & H4 EAD together when H1B in-progress

I’m going to file my H1B extension through Employer and they’ll not file H4 extension.
Have below question.

  1. Now after employer file my H1B Extension (Regular processing ) , can i file H4 extension & H4 EAD (NEW based on my approved I-140)together?

  2. If so can i send both I-589 & I-765 together to lockbox of processing center where H1B is filed? This was my interpretation on reading other Post.

  3. How about USCIS fee? Should i do one check for both H4 extension & H4 EAD or 2 checks for each?

Any post on filing h4 & Ead concurrently?


Ask your company attorney if they can include the H4 & EAD applications, that you prepare and pay the USCIS fees for, with the H1B packet that they will send to USCIS. That way you don’t have to file separately.

Yes, you can use the H1B receipt to file.

Filing address will depend on the 3 letter USCIS service center code in the H1B receipt #.

Attach separate payment instrument with each application.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi . My employer is not willing to do that and asked either do self filing or do filing through attorney. Hope once i receive H1b Receipt notice i can file I-539 & i-765 , do you think that works? Haven’t read much update on this scenario.

Follow the articles I shared and you should be able to self-file.