H4 - I94 Admit Date & Passport Expiration


This query is more related to I94 date. My daughter has valid H4 visa in her passport till January 2024 and her passport will be expired in April 2023. So, I wanted to check that whether she can travel to USA with her current passport if yes, then what will happen with the I94 admission date till when they can tentatively give the admission date. Also, whether it will be based on visa validity i.e. January 2024 or it will based on passport validity i.e. April 2023. I don’t want to go for visa extension two times within one year due to I94 date or passport issue.

Also, If I get the new passport then what will happen to current passport with valid visa whether they can travel with new passport and having another passport with valid visa. I need help with this, so that I can plan accordingly.

Thank you.

Yes she can travel as long as the visa is valid. CBP will issue I-94 till expiry of I-797 ( or H4 visa if travelling for the first time) or passport, whichever is expiring earlier.

You can extend I-94 at Mexico or Canada border in above case or simply renew the passport before travelling to get I-94 inline with visa expiry.

You need to carry both passports and present to CBP.

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