H4 i94 - with H1B i797 Date

My Visa i94 expires in Jun 2022. My H1B is approved for next 3 year expires Jun 2025. H4 and H4-EAD is not approved yet.
If I go out and come back into US in May 2022, can I get new i-94 with 2025 date? can my wife in H4 also get same i-94 date?
Need to know if my wife can make use of the option to continue and work on H4 EAD and wait for approval.

Yes, just present the current and extended I-797 and CBP should issue the I-94 till the expiry of your newly extended I-797. Make sure you check your I-94 and verify the end date.


Yes, she should be able to work as she will have updated I-94 and you already filed her EAD extension (assuming she already had EAD issued in past and not first time) in timely fashion before the current expires.