H4 Kid and Scholarships

Can Kid on H4 Visa allowed to get Scholarships?
Generally, Scholarship will be sent to the school with instructions that it be applied to tuition, fees and books. Recipients do NOT receive award funds.

But Generally H4 Kid can’t get any payment so this scholarships are allowed?

H4 may qualify for academic scholarships if the scholarship do not mention whether the beneficiary should be a GC holder or US citizen. My son was on H4 when he received academic scholarship for his Bachelor’s degree. Infact F1 also qualify for academic scholarships.
Scholarship is applied against the tuition fees, no cash rewards.

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Thanks for the answer.
Let me add one more point -
Did your son get it from College itself or was it from Outside Organizations.

Kid is looking for merit based scholarship from outside of school/university is allowed?
Specifically when they say , it will be given to School’s financial department itself and not the person directly

From the college.

Yes, no issues as far as the scholarship do not specifically say it applies to student with specific immigration status and it gets applied directly to the tuition fees.