H4 Passport Validity Requirement


Planning to travel to India based not the dropbox appointment as we need to go for stamping as well. Currently my son passport will be expiring on October 2023; If we go for stamping for my Son, what is the requirement on Passport validity ? (Considering the dropbox appoint by early next year 2023).

Thank you in advance !

Passport must be valid at the time of stamping. However when your son enters the US, CBP will issue I-94 that will be valid till the current passport validity only, unless he travels on a new passport in which case I-94 will match the primary H1B I-797 validity.

I would suggest just getting the passport renewed if the visa appointment is within one year of passport expiry. That way you dont have to file extension of status or visit Mexico/Canada CBP to extend the I-94 with shortened validity.

Thanks Kalpesh;

Normally Passport will be able to renewed if expiry is within a year… But in my Son case, his passport expiry will be on Oct 2023(more than a year from now); And right now we looking for the dropbox slot for the during the month January/ February 2023.

Is that a possible option to get the visa stamping appointment using current passport details (update the DS160 and CGI profile with current passport details) and at the time of visa stamping, can we submit the renewed passport ? [considering that I will apply for the new passport after Oct 2022 this year]

You can update DS-160 after submitting and booking appointment, no issue.

Thank you Kalpesh. May I know the procedure to update the New passport number in DS160 and CGI Profile?