H4 stamping dropbox- 221g white slip

Hi Anil,

My husband used dropbox for H4 stamping in Sep 2020, but he got 221 white slip and got the passport back, its been more than 60 days but still haven’t got any update, We submitted the required document too as soon as we got 221G.

Contacted them couple of times but they just to wait, infact the status too in portal shows as refused which was updated in Sep 2020.

Any idea how long its gonna take?

What was requested in form 221g?

Proof of primary applicant current visa or status, so we submitted the I797 of primary applicant on OCT 9th 2020, and haven’t seen any change in status as mentioned

Note : as of now the last status shows as refused ( which was updated on Sep 30th 2020)

Is the primary spouse in the US currently? If yes, then the ‘status’ proof means US embassy needs H1B’s i94 to verify legal active status.

The form 221g processing can take any amount of time and the ‘refused’ status just means that it is under ‘admin processing’ until a final decision has been made by visa officer.

Hi Angel,

Any updates on your case? I am in same situation- emailed I-94 and last Stamped pages and waiting for response.

Hi Anil, Could please let me know how many days Chennaiadmin@state.gov can take to respond to these kind of cases.


Hi Sam,

The 221 says to send your visa status or current physical status in USA, so I tried sending them employer verification letter and paystubs, which I did recently and waiting for their reply, to be honest this the max we could do, hopefully it works else wont have any choice go going to India and get it stamped.

Hi Angel, Thanks for the response!. We have already emailed all those documents now. Its been 2 weeks now! So my wife need wait in India till we get any response. I am planning to go to India by April and i will get my H1 stamped.
Just wondering, if we just need to wait for this case response or H4 can be reapplied after H1B stamping is done.

Hi Sam,

If you are going to India then in that case withdraw the current H4 visa case and when you apply for yours H1B visa stamping apply for wife too so both of yours will be stamped successfully.