H4 stamping dropbox- 221g white slip

Hi Anil,

My husband used dropbox for H4 stamping in Sep 2020, but he got 221 white slip and got the passport back, its been more than 60 days but still haven’t got any update, We submitted the required document too as soon as we got 221G.

Contacted them couple of times but they just to wait, infact the status too in portal shows as refused which was updated in Sep 2020.

Any idea how long its gonna take?

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What was requested in form 221g?


Proof of primary applicant current visa or status, so we submitted the I797 of primary applicant on OCT 9th 2020, and haven’t seen any change in status as mentioned

Note : as of now the last status shows as refused ( which was updated on Sep 30th 2020)


Is the primary spouse in the US currently? If yes, then the ‘status’ proof means US embassy needs H1B’s i94 to verify legal active status.

The form 221g processing can take any amount of time and the ‘refused’ status just means that it is under ‘admin processing’ until a final decision has been made by visa officer.

Hi Angel,

Any updates on your case? I am in same situation- emailed I-94 and last Stamped pages and waiting for response.

Hi Anil, Could please let me know how many days Chennaiadmin@state.gov can take to respond to these kind of cases.


Hi Sam,

The 221 says to send your visa status or current physical status in USA, so I tried sending them employer verification letter and paystubs, which I did recently and waiting for their reply, to be honest this the max we could do, hopefully it works else wont have any choice go going to India and get it stamped.

Hi Angel, Thanks for the response!. We have already emailed all those documents now. Its been 2 weeks now! So my wife need wait in India till we get any response. I am planning to go to India by April and i will get my H1 stamped.
Just wondering, if we just need to wait for this case response or H4 can be reapplied after H1B stamping is done.

Hi Sam,

If you are going to India then in that case withdraw the current H4 visa case and when you apply for yours H1B visa stamping apply for wife too so both of yours will be stamped successfully.


Hi Angel

My H4 with 221g is in refused status from last 65 days. it is in Additional administrative process. they did not ask us to submit any documents. we follow up several time. they always saying wait for status change.

Hi @anil_am22 ,
We submitted Visa renewal through Dropbox at New Delhi for Self, my wife and kid (H1B + 2 H4). H1B was issued within few days and passport is successfully delivered with Visa stamped.

Both H4 petitions are returned with 221(g) white slip along with the passports. The white slip is issued asking to appear for Visa interview in New Delhi. The case is refused under 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

We have the following questions before appearing for H4 interview.

  1. Why was 221(g) white slip issued for H4, when H1B is issued (All 3 visa renewal requests were submitted together)?
  2. What questions can we expect during the Visa interview?
  3. What are the chances for Visa getting issued without any delay?

NOTE: We had an H4 overstay issue in 2020. But that was successfully resolved by getting the Visa stamped in Feb 2020. My wife and Kid returned to US in May 2020 and we also got the H4 petitions extended during their stay in US.

I am not sure why 221g has been issued for this situation.

Do share once you have attended the interview and what happened.

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Thank you @anil_am22 for the response. Will keep this forum posted.

Hi @anil_am22 ,
My wife and kid did attend Visa interview in New Delhi last week. Consulate officer issued Visa for my minor Kid, but refused to issue Visa for my wife on 212(a)(9)(B)(ii) inadmissibility grounds. But the consulate officer thanked my wife for being very truthful and mentioned that her answers were very genuine. He also said that he is sending his recommendation to DHS for Waiver approval.

We have the following questions.

  1. We are working with an attorney to file a Waiver. The waiver will be 212(d)(3). Is that right?
  2. Our understanding is that the waiver will be filed at the New Delhi consulate. Can the waiver be filed at the New Delhi consulate through email?
  3. How long does the Waiver generally take to process?

Note: The Consulate towards the end of the interview mentioned that my wife will be contacted through email or phone about the decision of DHS in next few weeks.


Attorney should be able to answer all these questions based on why the visa was refused.

Hi Angel, Sam & Anil
My dependents hit the same situation yesterday (07/12/2022) - My wife and son dropped their passports for H4 stamping on May26th and they issued 221(g) [passports being returned] and it is asking for the Employment letter and Proof of Spouse’s Visa. Right now am in USA and I didn’t travel to India. As a response - after discussing with my immigration team I have responded to Consulate with Employment Verification letter , My passport copy with expired H1B Visa, I-94 from CBP portal , I797A copy. Since Angel & Sam’s situation was also similar kind - I thought of hearing from you - was your issues resolved ? and how long did the process go ?

Your advice and inputs will help me a lot. Thanks !

Hello Viswa_S,
Can you please let me know if you were able to solve your issue?. Did your dependents get their H4 visas after 221g response. Your response will help me very much since I’m in the same situation and stuck in Ibdia.
Thanks much!