H4 stamping for dependent above 14 years

Hi, I am looking for H1B/H4 stamping in India. As per the requirements, Myself(H1B) and my spouse are eligible for drop box. But my child is not eligible as the last visa was stamped before 14 years. But while scheduling appointment, there is no specific question about age and since I am the primary applicant, all of us are directed to the dropbox. Has anyone faced this situation and how to get this resolved?


Per the new eligibility criteria, one just need US visa in any class issued in past to qualify for IW.


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Thank you for the response. But as per https://ustraveldocs.com/in/en/renew-visa, one of the criteria for interview waiver is " * My most recent visa was issued on or after my 14th birthday." Are you saying that this criteria is not valid anymore?

Yes, a temporary exemption till 31 Dec’22. The system let you book for dropbox for all so you are all set.