H4 Stamping in Another country


My existing H4 and H4 Ead have expired . A little background, I entered USA on l1 (which was stamped in India) and then transferred to h4 . In 2014, I had a h4 stamping in Canada along with my spouse . We both had respective I-797 approved . I am currently planning to go for stamping in another country (apart from India ) for h4 stamping based on my spouse H1B approval . My extension request is still pending with USCIS. I have the following queries -
a> Since I do not have an approved h4 I797 , will i be able to extend my status based on my spouse -approval in another country.(say mexico or dubai)

You need to use primary H1B approval notice along with other supporting documents for H4 visa stamping.
Make sure you have valid visa for the country you go for stamping.

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