H4 to H1B stamping

hello team, I have a couple of questions on the H4->H1b stamping process.

Case1) My spouse is currently on H4 pending approval with USCIS, can I book a stamping appointment for next year Nov 2023? By then her H4 should be approved.

Case2 ) She already has an approved H1B stamped visa on her passport, if she starts working again in 2023 and moves to H1B with a new employer, can she changes the stamping from H4 to H1B with a new H1B case number?

You can book the appointment based on current I-797 and then update the DS-160 later on to reflect the new I-797 after H4 extension of status approval.

Yes, just update the DS-160 with the H1B I-797 before going for interview/dropbox.