H4 TO H1B Through COS

My employer filed H1B transfer through COS as i am already in USA on H4. I received approval notice I-797 A with I-94 at the bottom.
The notice saying “the petition is approved request for COS have been approved and the beneficiary can work for petitioner”.

Do i need to do anything to activate the H1B or can i directly start working.

If H1B COS is approved with a new i94, you can start working.
No need to do anything else.

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Thanks @anil_am22
How can i get SSN please.

Could you please Respond.

You can fill out SS-5 and apply at local SSA office
Or online.


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Thanks for your response @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

If I want to change to new employer in future. What is the process for H1B Transfer because I got COS approval-H1B with present employer.

The new employer will file H1B petition with change of employer aka H1B transfer based on the copy of your current I-797 and LCA for the H1b job.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi , The current I-94 associated with the current employer name. If we apply H1B Transfer can we get new approval with new I-94?

My concern is haven’t heard about once we are in H1B with COS. How can we change employers in future with normal processing? if we go for normal processing or premium. will get only new I-797 without I-94.

Please confirm me.

Yes if you are already in the US.

If you are already in the US with a valid I-94 and apply for change of employer or extension of status or change of status, you get the approval notice ( I-797) with I-94 (governs how long you can live in the US in the specific non-immigrant status while being compliant with the USCIS rules for the status) attached unless the change of employer or change of status is applied with consular processing in which case you need to get visa stamped to start working for the new employer or enter with a changed non-immigrant status.
Premium processing is available for change of employer and you should get the approval with I-94.

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