H4 transfer with passport about to expire


My wife and two kids who are on H4 visa has i797 approved till Aug 2024. My kids passport is about to expire in 2 months time. Has applied for passport renewal through tatkal but has not received renewed passports yet.
I have now got a job offer from company B and they will be filling my H1b visa transfer with USCIS on premium process.
With my kids passport about to expire, is it okay to file H4 transfer/extension along with H1b transfer?
Can my current employer cancel my wife’s and kid’s existing i797 approval?

Your suggestions will be of great help.

Your employer can’t cancel or revoke H4 approval. Don’t worry.


Thanks a lot @anil_am22 for clarifying my doubt.

So, does that mean, new company don’t have to initiate a H4 transfer or extension? Any thing that I need to keep in mind on H4 dependents for now or future, if I get my H1 visa transferred to company B?

Yes, no need , they are good till 2024.

Make sure to track the H4 I-797 expiry, which may not be same as your H1B after transfer and apply for timely H4 extension before the I-94 expires in 2024.

If meanwhile you travel with your family outside of the US, when you come back, the H4 dependent will be issued I-94 matching with your H1B expiry in that case you can apply for H4 extension pf status along with H1B extension.


Thanks a lot @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for clarifying my doubt.