H4 Visa approved at Hyd embassy, online status shows refused why?

Hi Anil,
Hi My wife h4 visa approved one week back on Jan8th at hyd embassy and collected the passport and we are waiting for passport pickup email, when i check status today online, it shows refused, little confused, is that general term until passport printed, or what exactly means that, she was told visa approved and leave passport, no slip or 221g nothing like that, so why my status shows refused when there is no 221g in my case
Appreciate if you could let us know what exactly this means, attaching screenshot for reference

Do not worry. CEAC shows ‘refused’ until the passport is issued.

US embassy uses this status to show the ‘admin processing’ that they are doing in the background.

Thank you Anil, your reply helped us to stay calm, here are timelines for others who ever received same, i found many cases in last few weeks like this, so want to share my exp to help others.

Interview date: Jan 8th at HYD-H4 Visa, VO stated my visa was approved and dropped off my passport. no slip, no 221g, nothing, plain approval and said congratulations
Jan 8-> Status changed to Refused with a short text
Jan 25th-> Status changed from refused to Administrative processing
Jan 27th-> Issued

My status from refused to Administrative processing took over 2 weeks time, in that time frame, i emailed on 19th to us travels and got reply that “We would like to inform you that your case is undergoing processing. This processing is mandatory and cannot be expedited. While we understand your concern and probable frustration, we cannot speed things up. Please wait for the processing to be completed.”

Thanks again Anil for helping the community

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