H4 visa approved for past date

Background: I am on H1B visa in US and my visa was valid till April 26th, 2022. I applied for an extension and it got approved 2 days back.

My wife travelled to US in March for the first time, with visa validity up to April 26th, 2022.

I applied for my wife’s extension with mine.

Query: My wife’s h4 extension got approved few days prior to mine and it seems they considered my older H1B validity date of April 26th, 2022 and gave her the same validity. What are my options? Can I apply for her extension again? Do we need to leave US in between?

Thanks for all the help!

Generally H4 approval comes later after the primary H1B is approved. It will have the same date as H1B approved dates.
Looks like an error to me if this is the first H4 extension. Talk to your attorney and let them know about this.