H4 visa dropbox in Hyderabad - Refused status on CEAC website

Hello, My wife recently travelled to India and had drop box appointment at the Hyderabad location. The drop box appointment was on 8/8/2023 and on 8/11/2023 morning I see the status changed to application received and by 8/11/2023, the status changed to Refused. Can someone please help on the next steps?


Thank you @anil_am22 for the quick response. I will continue to monitor for the last updated date.

Posting the timelines on the updates received in case if it helps anyone:
8/8 - Dropbox appointment and submitted the documents
8/11 morning - Application Received
8/11 evening - Status changed to refused
8/18 - Got email to come to US consulate for finger printing
8/21 - Status showing Approved now.
Waiting for confirmation on Passport pickup.

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8/24 - Status changed to Issued.

Picked up the passport today (9/11) from the VFS Hyderabad office. There was no notification though received to pick up the passport. Since it has been more than 10days the status changed to Issued, my wife approached the VFS. They said passport was ready for pick on 8/27 but their system have been having issues and hence no communication went out. Such an irresponsible answer. Do not wait for notification. If the status changed to Issued, please follow up immediately after a week.

Hello - did you have to go to consulate for biometrics? Im in a similar situation for H4 for my partner. Application was received and refused on the same day. Not sure what next steps are yet

Hi, yes. Please wait for the status change and also you/your wife will receive an email (to the email address shared in DS-160) if they are asking your wife to come for biometrics. If they ask for biometrics, it will be at the consulate and please ask her to be prepared for answering questions too. Since my wife was asked couple of questions before her visa was approved.

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Appreciate it. My wife got called in for an interview. Fingers crossed

Iā€™m also in the same situation I got refused status after 13 days of Dropbox document submitted. I have two questions, can someone please help me get an answer?

  1. should i book the separate appointment for fingerprinting or they will book and let me know ? If I have to book then how hard is to get the timeslot ?
  2. which consulate should I go? In ds-160 I have selected Chennai but submitted the docs at Mumbai .

In our case, we received an email from the consulate asking to come in for interview. The consulate was where the visa was getting processed. You could get something in the mail along with your passport or you could get an email. I would wait until further instructions from the consulate. We didnt have to book another appointment. The email asked to come in on certain days of the week before a certain time.

Hi, was there any update on your case?

Did you get a letter with the passport as well?
I got refused status but no email/ letter yet!