H4 Visa Interview(edited)

My wife went for the H4 visa interview, the VO knew that I was flying in the following weeks and have a dropbox appointment. VO refused to issue visa and asked her to resubmit after I get my Visa foil stamped. Is this normal? am I looking at an RFE when I submit for my docs. VO said she needn’t rebook an appointment or something along those lines and that she could submit her passport once I get mine.

221G was issued with submit the following document at any ofc…and documents listed below checked and on the first line principal applicants visa.

This is normal. No need to worry.

Okay. Is there a reason for them to do that?

H4 is a dependent visa. They want to make sure that H1B has an active H1B employer and a job in hand.

There is no H4 without an active H1B.

Well she had the employment continuation letter from my employer. I don’t know what to say, whatever happened happened, now I have to deal with it