H4 Visa Interview with Court marriage certificate - No traditional marriage

Hi Anil,
we are planning to get married via court, hence no traditional marriage for which one of us will have to change our address in aadhar as per the city we are applying for marriage i.e hyderabad.

so the question is if I(wife) will change the address in aadhar and afterwards if I apply for H4 visa, the change of address in passport and aadhar will be a problem?
Also, we will have a marriage certificate, so will it not be sufficient?

plz do reply as we have to work on it quick as my fiance will get his H1B by jan’2020 end.

Change of address in aadhar and passport does mean that- in aadhar it is the updated address is of hyderabad, which was required while marriage.
and in passport the address is of my hometown(earlier in aadhar it was same)

Hi @deepa_palariya

I don’t understand your question as you have written everything without any breaks in one sentence.

The Aadhar or passport address has no bearing on your H4 visa interview.

The marriage certificate and wedding proof should be good enough for visa interview.

Just make sure that you do not hide anything from US visa officer as they have started asking about H4’s real traditional marriage a lot these days.


but then we are getting married without families consent, that is why we are doing it via court.
so will it not be an issue as we’ll just have a marriage certificate for the same!

That should be fine. If you are not going for traditional marriage, then just answer is truthfully that you are not having any ceremony.

I am going to India for my wedding and planning to bring my Wife in USA on H4 VISA. Please let me know the process of H4 VISA as due to COVID pandemic, things are changed.