H4 visa stamp white form 221g issued as H1 visa not available

Hello sir ,
My name is EDward me and 2 kids 14 and 16 attend the h4 visa interview on july 11 but they are not issued the visa because h1 visa interview not at that time.

At that time they said come with we can do together and they have me 221g white slip checked second one.
When we went with h1 on july 25th but they given the permission to go inside h1 went and the h1 requested about h4 then they we will send you mail you can drop at vac your passports.

Until now no response. Please how many weeks I need wait.

Hi @gsunildutt

Have they kept your passport or returned it to you?

What is the option checked in form 221g?

Passports returned and white slip

2nd option administrative processing

There is no fixed time limit if they have returned your passport.