H4 visa stamping or extension

Hi, I’m a H4 visa holder and have previously applied for an extension when my spouse’s H1B was extended. Since then, my spouse has transferred to a new job and in the process of the transfer the i797 validity changed from 08Aug2023 to 20Dec2023 on account of recapturing days that were spent outside of the US.

My visa has the validity date of 08Aug2023 as per the original i797(before the job transfer). My question here is, am I required to apply for an extension of my visa(Form I539) or can I use the latest i797(20Dec2023) and just apply for a visa appointment for stamping a new visa when I visit India?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you have plans to travel before Aug 2023, then there is no need to file i539.

You can apply for H4 visa stamp using H1B’s extended approval and your H4 visa will be approved till Dec 2023. Then, you can use it to enter US and your i94 should have the validity till Dec 2023.

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Great! That was my understanding as well, Thank you for your response. Appreciate it.