H4 Visa Stamping without H1B - Dropbox eligibility


I(35 yr old) along with my kid(3 year old) both on H4 are travelling to india and have booked dropbox appointment for 25-Apr. Spouse(on H1) will not be accompanying us to india. H1s Visa expired in Dec 2018, myself and kid visa expired in 2020.

Question is - Is there any risk for going to dropbox with husband not joining us for stamping and dont have a valid visa stamp? I read somewhere that in such cases they would ask to come for in-person appointment. Is that true?

There shouldn’t be any issue. Make sure you have all H1B documents like last three pay stubs, copy of current H1B I-797, copy of current H1B petition (I-129) and employment verification letter along with other H4 related documents. Insist on submitting all documents even if the VAC guys say some of these ate not needed.