H4 visa stamping without H1B

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Am in H4 and not eligible for dropbox , my last visa stamped approval was till 2016 and there was no India travel and also from H1B Spouse.,
Considering i797 approvals are till Sept 2024 and rest all documents will be carrying for interview!
Can i travel to india for stamping OR will there be issues? ,seeing posts regarding 221g issued for Valid H1B visa stamp requirement

If H1B is not traveling, then their valid i94 should work as proof of H1B status in place of H1B visa stamp.

For other documents, check the H4 visa stamping checklist here:

H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist - Marriage certificate, Wedding Invitation Card, Photo album, H1B i797, employment verification letter, Pay stubs, W2, LCA. H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist - Interview, Dropbox - USA

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Thank you for the reply