H4EAD - employer asked to work with 180 days automatic extension

I am waiting for approval of my H4 EAD renewal case with USCIS but my employer suggested that i have 180 days automatic extension after seeing my USCIS receipts and current EAD card and asked me to fill I9 form accordingly by providing expiry date as 180 days from date current ead expired. Will there be any problem if i continue working as suggested by my employer ? Please advise .

Your employer is wrong. Do not work if your current H4 EAD has expired and renewal is pending.

Thank you for your response. Just curious to know as my employer got me to fill the I9 form with expiration date as 180 days , wouldn’t they know that i am not authorized to work when they submit I9 through eVerify or something like that? What would be consequences if I continue to work if my employer gives me written confirmation that I can work based on 180 days extension ?

Ask yourself: you are working in US without any work authorization.

Can you work? What can happen if you work? Should you work?

Your Employer will back off immediately if USCIS questions. I am not sure how they allowed you.

Are you sure you have asked the right question? Something is wrong somewhere. Either you don’t know the correct expiry date or this is not H4 EAD or your Employer has not consulted a good attorney.

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