H4EAD Expiring sooner than H4 I94

Currently, I am working on H4 EAD and H4 EAD Expires by Feb-2024, however, H1 & H4 I-94 expire by June-2024, could you advise available options so that there are no/less interruptions to my work? Thanks for your advice.

You can apply for H1B, H4 and EAD renewal no later than 180 days from the expiry so somewhere in January 2024
If you apply EAD renewal before its expiry in Feb, you will get an automatic extension for the EAD and you can continue working past Feb 2024. Make sure you apply H1B in premium processing and file renewal for H4 and EAD in the same packet as the H1B. This will help approval of H4 almost with the H1B in about 15 days.

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Thank you Kalpesh for the reply.

One more query: Say, I will apply H4 EAD renewal by Jan(current EAD expires by Feb/24 and H4 I94 expires by Jun/24), should I wait for this renewal of EAD approval before i apply next EAD renewal? if i apply for another EAD before receiving approval for the pending one, would the latest one considered, could you advise what would happen in that case?

Why would you apply another EAD while one is pending. Sorry dont understand your question.

Sorry for the confusion, I misstated. My question was, I was not so sure if I can apply in premium by Jan, so, I was thinking if I apply for EAD renewal by JAN and then apply for H1, h4, and EAD renewal by Apr/May(regular mode), during this time, just in case I don’t get a response for the EAD extension applied in JAN, would this cause any issues with the one I applied in APR/MAY?

There is no need to apply for EAD again. As I stated earlier, if you apply EAD before it’s expiry , you get automatic extension up to 540 days, provided your H4 remains valid throughout the extension period.

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Thank you for the clarification