H4EAD with pending H4 extension

Hi Anil @anil_am22, Hope you’re doing well. My H4 extension is in progress. Now I wanted to file a standalone H4EAD application. What i94 should I provide in box
21a. Form i94 Arrival Departure record number.



This is the record for your last arrival in the US. If you do not have the I-94 record, please download from below link and fill out the relevant questions in the I-765.

While filling out the information at the below link, passport number is the one you used at your last entry in the US.


For more guidance on how to fill out I-765, refer below link by Anil.

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Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi
Where do I enter the current H4 extension details (receipt number) in the form?

You will need to attach the copy of your H-4 extension receipt along with other documents and mention in the cover letter that your extension is pending with USCIS.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thanks.

Is there a sample cover letter I can use.


A simple google search can help with this type of request. Nevertheless, please find the below format which should be changed/updated as it applies to your individual case.

I would suggest to use an attorney if you are not comfortable filling out the application.


Name of applicant,


USCIS address where the application is being sent

Subject: Application for H-4 EAD.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently in H-4 status dependent to my husband who is in H1B status. I had recently applied for extension of stay in H-4 status and the receipt # is _________ dated _________

With this cover letter, I am here by applying for H-4 EAD based on the approved I-140 immigrant petition for my husband.

Attached to this cover letter, please find:

List of all document you are attaching (including copy of I797 receipt of your H4 extension) along with payment/check details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at




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Hello Anil,
Hope You are doing good.
Any information on Premium processing for EAD?
I am on H4.My H4 is in renewal process with biometrics completed on March 11 2021.I did apply fr EAD renewal on April 29 2021,received receipt on May 19 2021 with center as California.Woried as my EAD will expier on Aug 12 2021.
Any chances of extension of working days after expiry of EAD because of Covid-19 effect or have I to quit my job.Appriciate your guidance .

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No premium processing for EAD at this time. Only other way is to request expedited processing.

Work not allowed after H4 EAD expires and renewal not approved.

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