Health assessment for infants


I just received an email from immigration to provide additional information for my child(4 months ).
They asked for two things one is a letter from paediatrician and a signed consent form. But the confusion is it is mentioned in the attachment that " As your child is less than six months old and in Australia, an "on the paper " health assessment can be completed by providing the below documents

  1. letter from paediatrician in Australia
  2. signed consent form"

But we are not in Australia and we are not sure why we received this. Do we need to get the above here in India or we can go with regular health assessment ( which also is showing under action required in immi account).

I think CO thinks that your child is currently physically in Australia.

have you recently visited Australia or have always been outside Australia?

We have never been to Australia. Not sure from where the CO got the information.

Then, you can just upload the child’s health assessment.