Help regarding OCI card application via VFS

The thread for discussing indian passport renewal through VFS was really helpful as the VFS process is not matured enough. Thank you for providing a platform for that.

Similarly, is there any open thread where we can discuss about OCI card application through VFS? I need to apply OCI card for my second kid. Appreciate any guidelines/active thread/checklists regarding this.

Thank you!

I am looking for the same. Pls post if anyone is aware of the steps. Thanks!

yes we need separate OCI forum. very frustrating to deal with VFS. why this should be so confusing and complicated process ?

Hello All,

Today we have received Renewed OCI Card for my 6 years old kid, but only received the new OCI card, they haven’t returned the old or expired OCI card. Is it expected? Did they change anything recently?

Anyone has similar issues?

Thank you for your response.