House Bill to Block FB to EB Spillover in Oct 2022 (Bad News!)

Originally published at: Senate Rejects Green Card Proposal with Budget Bill - Paying 5K Extra (Bad News!) - AM22Tech

The House committee has passed an appropriations bill today by voice vote. This bill aims to preserve the GC numbers even if the fiscal year (2020 and 2021) end for employment-based, family-based, and Diversity visa lottery among other provisions. This will spoil the employment-based Green card chances for Indians if passed by Senate too.


This was a good chance for Congress to show their will to support legal immigration but both parties have totally failed to fix the badly broken immigration system of this country. :frowning:

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I don’t see any text regarding spill over. It seems they are saying about use them beyond fiscal year.



Can anyone explain why the app is showing EB3 to retrogression in sep21? Shouldn’t it catch up with Filing date which is Feb 2014?

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Is this the same bill (link below)?

Doesn’t the current status mean it’s been voted by the committee for consideration in the house, but hasn’t actually passed in the house or the senate yet?

Does anyone know what’s the latest on Meng Immigration Amendment which is part of the appropriations bill? Has that been dropped? Or what are the chances of it getting passed? …Bcz its passing can have huge negative impact on EB application…

Another day, another bill. No action!
All this is just a ploy to make money off of desperate Indian H1Bs.

If you are a young professional, avoid US.

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Based on what I had read, senator Durbin hadn’t sent the provisions which had the language helping EB green cards. In that case I see this not getting approved by parliamentarian as good news and not bad. Why do you say it’s bad news?

There are twitter posts which says they are working on a plan B or alternate version. Hopefully the politicians add the EB provisions this time that make it more promising…

It’s amazing that Indians still believe in this immigration system. It’s a fraud to get indentured labor from overseas and then keep them working hard till they get kicked out or aged out.

MacDonough’s decision did not tank all of the proposed immigration changes in the reconciliation text. While much of the advocacy community has focused on providing permanent relief for undocumented immigrants, including those at imminent risk of deportation, provisions to help work visa holders stuck in lengthy backlogs were not affected by the parliamentarian’s decision.

@anil_am22 : since we are in sept and hardly couple of weeks to sept 30 , Is meng amendment applicable to 2022 year? As this is not yet passed by senate?

Nothing has been passed as of now.

so that means we will have spill over for 2022. Reason I’m asking is its mentioned that dates will retrogress. I’m trying to understand how the dates will retrogress is there is spillover from family to EB

I understand dates may retrogress if there is no spill over . But why would they retrogress if there is spillover