How can a Covid Recovered person travel to India from Canada after 5 days of quarantine

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My father is on Visitor Visa in Canada and had his return flight to India on 14th Jan. He was tested COVID positive when he got his test done for the travel. As per health department, he had to quarantine for 5 days. He has already quarantined for 9 days and will continue to do so for few more days. We rescheduled his flight for 1st Feb and are trying to get his COVID test done but the lab is not accepting appointment if the person was tested covid positive in last 90 days.

Does that mean he cannot travel till 90 days?
Is there any alternative to get COVID test done?

Please advise asap.

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Most international airports have covid testing facilities onsite. Did you check if there is one at the airport your dad will board the flight?

Also it depends on the airlines and the country of destination and their covid policies. Many times, if the patient was covid positive, in last few days, you need to only show the positive test results which should be in last 15-20 days and there is no need to retest for covid infection so call your airlines (or check on their website) and find out.

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