How can I prove Australian work experience without assessment?

Hey Swapnil, Hope you are busy with application process…
I was wondering…
Did you get 190 QLD?
Did you also start uploading documents. IF yes, i want to ask for Work Exp points, what are you going to submit?

I have submitted the following:

  1. Employment letter
  2. Payslips
  3. Bank statements
  4. Tax records

Considering the application to DHA, it will be a lot more comprehensive than for the state nomination.
I have claimed a lot of points (rightly so, no overclaims), so I will need to provide details for all of those to DHA if and when I get my final state nomination (nothing is guaranteed until I get it).

Employment documents alone have passed the 150 page mark. There are a lot of things to include as AACA does not assess skilled experience. The onus falls on us to prove we were in a skilled position as without registration an Architect cannot work as an Architect (232111) in Australia. So technically the CO might say your employment as an Architect is not skilled until you get registered.

It is extremely tricky to prove that you are skilled without any documents from assessing authorities to a CO who might not know anything about your occupation. I have tried and failed to find an agent who has processed a PR application for an Architect.(you might be luckier than me in Melbourne though)

Thanks Swapnil.
No luck here as well mate. One agent even told me that I couldn’t file an EOI unless i was registered. I mean the situation is just horrible.
I have a gap of almost 9 months in between the 2 offices i worked for. I am barely able to manage 52 payslips of at least 20hr/week.
We could upload a portfolio if worst comes to worst.

Portfolio is something which I may use, though it will need professional work included and permission letters from employers stating the presented work was done while working at their firm and you have permission to reproduce it for the visa application process. (my employer is more than happy to provide these letters)

I am sorry to hear about your gap in employment, although, you will need to have all these work experience documents ready before you submit the eoi. For example I have an offer letter and 3 contracts (a new contract for every salary raise) for a permanent role issued to me since last year. I can surely add more letters and certificates to confirm that now but the payslips, first contract, offer letters and tax records will prove the start and duration of the employment.

Regarding the agents, I have been fed with so many crappy ideas by everyone that I have met (15 in total, actually 15), with some even lying that they have processed cases of architects previously. Also many had asked me to not include my work experience in the EOI as it would be difficult to substantiate that claim.

Don’t be sorry, I just hope that it is okay to claim experiences that way or else it is highly unlikely to receive an invite on 85, for now at least.
I will have all documents ready before i update my Work points.
For me, getting a 190 invite isn’t realistic anymore, with all the states making it difficult through conditions.
Same goes for 491.
Hoping SA will show some mercy to me as I was in SA for 3 years. haha

You will surely get it. Though I recommend picking one state rather than any in the new eoi.
It should be okay to claim experiences if you can substantiate it. I have two lawyers in my firms who are also architects, at least they can interpret migration law better than me. I will keep you posted though how it goes.

I did amend my choice to SA from ANY the last time you suggested me to.
And I wont risk of claiming anything which i don’t have.
Surely keep me posted.
Thanks again.

Have you considered 482 and/or 186 options? That would be the best bet now that time is running low.
I have my 482 process running in parallel currently.

I only have 1 year experience. So i cant apply for either.
I can try for 407 though.

407 seems like a good idea, for 482 and 186 there is a requirement for LMT. Is this also the case with 407?

umm… I dont know what LMT stands for!

It means labour market testing, which is that your employer has to prove that they cannot find any suitable Australian candidate and that is the reason why they are hiring and sponsoring a foreign worker. This LMT needs to be conducted for a certain period of time (4 weeks for me).

I finally received the SC190 nomination from QLD and the ITA from SkillSelect today.