How can I prove Australian work experience without assessment?

Hello @Anil.Gupta,

Hope you are doing well, I had two queries regarding my occupation, could you please help me with those?

I am an onshore Architect 232111 (not registered in Australia yet) with 1+ year local experience and have applied with 90 points for 189 (16 Nov) and 95 points for 190 (QLD on 26 Nov). My assessing authority (AACA) does not assess skilled experience of any kind. I live and work in QLD and am eligible for their 190 nomination.

  1. Are there any chances for me to get an invite for 189 today at midnight? I know QLD invites cannot be predicted.
  2. If invited for any of the categories, how can I prove my work experience as being skilled in Australia(I have local degree and positive skills assessment)?

Hope to hear from you soon.

You can submit proofs of your Australian job like

  1. Employment letter
  2. Payslips
  3. Income tax documents
  4. Bank statements

You have good chance of invite in Dec 2019 draw with 90 points.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Hi Swapnil,

I just wonder if you get your invitation today with 90 for visa 189? Thanks.


I did not get the invite today.

Thanks for the update. I’ve filed EOI for visa 189 with 85 on 15/11/2019 but still no invitation yet (my job is non pro rata too).

I wish you good luck. Apparently they are inviting 95 and 100 pointers only.
This is extremely frustrating. Though we will know more later today when more people update their timelines and Iscah predicts the results.

Hi Swapnil,
Hopefully you’ll have the whole day today to receive an invite?
I am not too far behind you. But do let us know if/when you receive an invite.


All the invitations are normally automatically sent out at around midnight 0:00am to 0:20am Sydney time so if we don’t get it at that time, there’s no point to wait for in the rest of the day unfortunately

Good luck to you too. The point of being invited is getting ridiculously too high. Initially I thought 90 would get invitation this round but seems like it needs to be 95 at least.
Also, fake EOIs or a low number of invitations this round (as it’s around Christmas time) could be a reason but yeah we have no choice but to wait…

That’s correct. There is no point in expecting an invite at this time of the day.

It seems that only 250 invites have been sent last night (ISCAH estimates, not mine), which could be true considering such abysmal performance. As long as they don’t issue 1000-1500 invites we (90 pointers and below) don’t have much of a chance.
I totally agree that the minimum points required have become 95 & 100 as it seems 95 is the new 85. ISCAH got this right and I believe they are also right with many people updating EOI’s on 16th Nov, so even if we are behind by few hours the invites might be spaced out in longer timeframes.

It needs to be seen what the latest EOI effect date was for the lowest scoring Invites for Non Pro Rata occupations. I am not very convinced about the EOI effect date posted by ISCAH and so hoping for an official announcement sooner than later.

This is the table published by ISCAH (Unofficial 189 Skill Select results 11th December 2019 - Iscah)

Hi Shreyas,
Do you have any other visa options lined up if this doesn’t work?
Which state are you in, have you tried for state nomination?

Hey Swapnil…
I am based in Melbourne. I am going to claim 5 points for experience in January. (for 90 points)
My TR expires on 14 Feb.
I have kept my state options to ANY.
I will try for 491. I simply cannot afford to go back. (At least not right now)

All the very best!
You have good chances, and your points will automatically update after January.

I stand corrected! I got an invite for my 190 EOI today afternoon.

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What is your points breakdown? It seems you have a good chance at the moment.

Well… There you go.
That is fantastic. Congratulations.

On 90 points i will get my PR that is for sure. My only concern was/is to get it before my TR expires, doesnt look like it will.

You might still get it before your TR expires. The only way to make the process quicker is to add points. Try for 491, it’s a new visa, they will be generous with the invites and you’ll have 105 points.
With state nominations, loyalty goes a long way, try picking just one state.

All the best!

Yes, increase points. That is it.
Thank you mate.