How frequently can we raise service request for pending h4 ead

Hi ANil,
How frequently can we raise service request service request for pending h4 ead

Hi @Dan

There is no restriction as long as the USCIS system allows you to raise the request. Usually, they ask you to wait for 30 days before raising another SR.

Thank you Anil. Please suggest what I need to do in the below case.

I applied for h4 and ead concurrently, on May 8th 2019.

H4 approved on Sept 18th and received the approval notice. However my EAD online there is no update on case status and therefore I called and spoke to L2 office USCIS through phone and they confirmed my EAD is approved as of Sept 17th, but they have not ordered production yet.

E-verify self check also confirms that I’m authorized to work, but USCIS case status online still shows case received. Till this day I have not receive any card , it’s been more than 3 weeks. Raised a service request in October and no response for that. Please advise what I should do In this situation.

Hi @Dan

I suggest to contact your local congressman and ask them to help. Congressman can get you your card within a week if it has already been approved.

Thank you Anil, for your prompt suggestion. I already reached out to senator previously before the case was approved. Senator request was denied to approve the case, but however 10 days after Denial the case was approved on sept 17th. Should I still go with congressman or senator who is the best option in this scenario. Appreciate your suggestion.

Congressman is better.

Thanks Anil. I will reach out to him right away and keep you posted. Should i prove emergency situation here, or should I let them know it’s approved but card not sent yet.

Tell them the information you already have. They would draft their letter based on what you tell them.

Thank you Anil, for showing me a way, when I completely lost hope! Lost my job because of this delay ! Will keep you updated.

Hi @Dan

I can understand the pain that’s caused by USCIS delays. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done as USCIS is adamant.

Many people have lost their jobs due to the delays and their new policies.

Hi Anil, on the day I was about to reach out to congressman, I saw my status of service request as completed and I got a mail stating on Oct 11th that my case is approved and card in production.

If I don’t get the card within 30 days I can reach out to USCIS again.

But earlier also before raising service request when I called the L2 officer said my case was approved as of Sep 17th.

Will the USCIS keep up the 30 days approval response to service request or is it just standard reply? Please advise

30 days is just a standard reply that they send to everyone.

This is strange to me that your card is approved and it has not been mailed yet. I still suggest to go ahead with congressman help.

Thanks Anil, should I wait till November 11th since 30 days waiting period since service request will over or can I contact them beforehand?

You can try contacting earlier as well.