How long can US green card holder stay in India

Hi anil can you plz tell how long green card holder can stay in india ? Like my husband stayed 4 months when he came for marriage is this ok ?

Hi @Deep2019

The stay in India depends on the Indian visa length. It does not depend on the green card.

If your husband has Indian passport, then he can stay as long as he wants. Indian government would not have any issue.

But it will not effect my case ? Like he stayed 4 month india ?

Hi @Deep2019

It would be great if you can explain your scenario to help me give you to-the-point answer.

I cannot remember each case by heart. Sorry if you have explained it earlier but I can’t recall it now.

My husband is green card holder and he applied for my i-130 pettion which is approved on 13 Aug.

When my husband came for marriage in india he lived all together 4 months that time i just want to make sure it will effect my case or not?

Hi @Deep2019

I don’t think that your husband’s travel would affect your case.

Ok thanks anil . My case completed 6 weeks for approved any idea how long nvc will take more for welcome letter?

Hi @Deep2019

I don’t have data to suggest any timing right now. Sorry.

Ok no problem thank you

Hi Anil
My husband petition for me. He is green card holder and our case was approved on 13 aug 2019.

Now waiting for welcome letter. Actually my husband income was enough in 2018 and 2017 for spouse visa requirement but in 2016 his income was not enough for our requirement.

So what should we do now we can submit 2017 and 2018 tax return transcript or only can submit 2018 tax return transcript? Please reply. Thanks.

Hi @Deep2019

You can submit the tax receipt even if the income was low. There is no use of hiding any information.

It will effect my case or not ? If yes in this case can i submit recent year tax return transcript?

2017 and 2018 income is fine bt only 2016 income is less if i will submit 3 year tax return transcript is that 2016 low income will effect our case ?

Hi @Deep2019

I am not sure if tax return will affect your case or not.

If i submit only 2018 tax return transcript so is that ok ?

What will you do if they ask for previous year tax return? As I said, i am not sure if it will affect the application decision.