How long do applications stay 'Under Process' at VFS India Consular Application Centre?

My pending documents were delivered earlier this week and today my application status was updated to ‘We have ‘Received’ your Application and your application is now ‘Under Process’ at VFS India Consular Application Centre’

How long does this process generally take? Has anyone been in this situation?

Next stage is: “Application has been ‘Processed’ at the VFS India Consular application Centre and currently is ‘In-Transit‘ to the Embassy of India/Consulate General of India for decision making”.

Since you already submitted all documents and got a confirmation, you can expect things to move to next stage in a day or two. Sometimes, it happens same day.


Hi, thanks for your reply. My status is now ‘Under review’ on the government tracking website. Do you know how long this step generally takes? And what the next step is?

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Hi - Here you go, hope this helps:

  1. Print has been initiated for passport
  2. Passport has been printed
  3. Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly
  4. Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India/ Consulate General of India & will be dispatched within 24 – 48 business hours provided you had purchased or sent the return label
  5. Your application has been dispatched by the VFS Indian Consular application Centre

Once dispatched, you need to track your old and new passport delivery to your doorstep, using shipping label you sent or they created (depending on what you opted for).

Police verification may or may not trigger (no one knows/can confirm why).

Hard to predict time but it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks (police verification can add more time).

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You mean 1-3 weeks for the status to change to ‘Print Initiated’? Is there I way I could have this process expedited?

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From current status to the end…
Cannot do anything now. For faster turnaround, one should go with Tatkal processing…

Does the Washington DC Embassy have a phone line? I actually need my passport urgently for application for work authorization with USCIS

Hi Pankaj,

How long does it take to process the adult passport renewal application under Tatkal scheme. And with no address change(hoping there will be no police verification as a result).

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For police verification, once my family members at the Indian address have verified with the police, will the Indian Embassy at Washington DC receive the approval in their system instantly? How long does it take for them to receive an OK once my family verifies with the police?

Hi @bikash - Ideally, it should be processed in 5 days (see screenshot below) after Consulate receives clean application. However, given the extraordinary situation we are in, timing is a black hole now. It varies with Consulate/embassy, as evident from various posts shared on this forum. Based on what I have read, it can take 1-3 weeks (one I saw with 30 days in total).

Same goes for Police verification. But generally, for Tatkal it doesn’t become a hurdle. It can run concurrently or even after issue of passport. There is no sure shot way to say whether Police verification will be triggered for you or not (even with no address change). People have varied experience on this too.

Double check required docs and signatures before submitting and you should be good.

Hope it happens real soon for you. All the best!


It depends on how soon police submit their report to RPO.

Is the verification complete as soon as the report is submitted to RPO?

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Thank you Pankaj. This was very helpful. Thank you again :slight_smile:

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@Diwedy how long does the ‘print initiated’ typically take?

This is all I can guess/tell based on experiences shared by others. It’s for time taken by embassy. There’s no way to tell time for each step. Feel free to look for and go through the posts shared by other users on this forum to get better understanding.


Hi Paras,

I had applied for tatkal and received in 3 weeks( 2 weeks after submitting additional document).
Received today only…