How long does it take to get hard copy after H1B approval?

Hello Anil,
My H1b was approved on March 5th 2019(California Service Center) but still did not get physical copy. Do you happen to know how long does it take to get hard copy?

H1B hard copy takes 7-21 days to arrive by USPS mail after USCIS approval.

Thanks Anil, My organization got an approval email on 5th, can I use that for Visa Stamping or do I have to wait for the hard copy to arrive. I’m stuck in India.

You should wait for the H1B i797 hard copy to arrive.

hi Anil,
My H1b approval notice still not come. It was approved on March 5th 2019. My employer also raised a SR 4 days ago but no response. Can you pls suggest a way?


The only way is to raise a service request which your employer has already done.

Do you see time frame still normal? My employer called USCIS CSC premium service line and they said its still not 30 days when the petition was approved so wait and watch.

As i said earlier, normal time is 7-21 days.

But, we are seeing lot of delays by USCIS these days. So, no need to worry.

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For Visa approval interview , can i use h1b approval email or hard copy of I797 required?

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Original hard copy of i797 is required for visa interview.


My H1 transfer was approved on 14th July from the California service center. USCIS website shows “Case was approved and decision was emailed” and my lawyer also received the approval courtesy email detailing my name, the new start and end validity dates et al.

However, until today (after 17 calendar days), lawyers haven’t received the physical approval notice. I’m seeing similar adjudication date cases receiving the notices in two weeks or so.

Lawyer firm is EIG.

Is this delay common given the current situation? I’m not sure what I should expect.

If anyone has any similar experiences/went through a transfer recently, please feel free to share/comment.

Did you receive it, Igor? I am working with EIG as well on my H1-B application.

Any updates on how many days it takes to receive the approval copy in 2021

When exactly did you receive your i797 hard copy?

My H1b is approved and got an email update from uscis. can i start working or should i wait for the hard copy?

Hi Anil,

Our attorney received the update via email on March 4th (petition approved on 25th Feb), but till now we haven’t received the hard copy.

Do you think I need to be worried about it?