How long does it take to process when Ds-5355 is filled after visa interview

My husband was asked to fill Ds-5535 after he was issued 221g when he appeared for an L1 visa interview. What is the normal timeline for the processing of DS-5535? Does the processing time depend on the consulate or country? This is the first time he is applying for a US visa.

Thank you for the reply @anil_am22. I did read the specified article earlier. I am trying to understand does it depends on the consulate?
My husband applied from the Tokyo consulate. (He is an Indian citizen).

Yes, the time varies by each consulate.

Thank you @anil_am22. I have no option other than to wait. The ceac status is still refused. But the CGI portal status changed where the passport information was earlier Your passport is with the US embassy/ Consulate and today the ‘document delivery information’ is blank. The travel doc passport information has not changed. Does this mean admin processing will take more time and the passport is returned to us?

Hi @anil_am22 . The passport status today changed to “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”. I tried reaching out to consulate. Waiting for the reply. Is this normal ? I am just worried about the passport as well.