How long does it take USCIS to acknowledge the RFE response receipt?


Hi Anil,

My H1 RFE response was sent by overnight on 5th October, its been a month and the USCIS status still shows the previous status - " Request for Additional Evidence Was Sent". How long does it take USCIS to acknowledge the receipt?

Hi @udit_shah

USCIS website is not 100% reliable for case status updates. If your RFE response was sent and delivered, then it must be USCIS. No need to worry even if status does not update.

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Can I call USCIS and confirm if the received RFE documents before 60 days?

USCIS will not answer your calls as H1B is filed by employer. Your employer or attorney has to call and check the status.

Who told you, if not get RFE response within 60 days will not get decision.

If you someone told you then they misleading you. If you’ve attorney for your case then they would have RFE response date for your case.

I have seen many RFE reach before 1 week of actual timeline (approximately 86 days) and got decision

I spoke to USCIS today and they are saying they never received any RFE response documents. We have the shipping tracking number through which it was sent. Can anything be done now or should I assume they will reject my case?

Did you speak to your attorney? Have they received any mail from USCIS or confirmation or any other information or a second RFE?

They have not received any communication from USCIS

Then, your employer should contact USCIS to know what has happened to the package they already sent.

Thanks for the prompt responses! They are hiring a new attorney to follow up

Hi, same here even my Rfe wasn’t received
Called USCIS said same thing

What did you do, did you sent any other package?

Attorney has sent an email to them with tracking number

Hi all

This is my question
I have sent my H1b RFE response on Sept15th, till now it shows no case was received
Even attorney called and sent email to them with tracking number
Till now we didn’t got any response
What I need to do?
Plz advise