How long does TCS HR take to respond for skill letter?

For the skill letter, I sent a mail to today morning.
I also attached the template that you have shared on this site.

I have not heard anything back from them regarding anything, not even asking about BRM approval.
How long does it generally take for them to respond?

Thanks in Advance.

You have to ask them for skill letter only. They will initiate the process and then send you the template themselves.

Did you check the TCS Alumni website to see if your Full and Final Settlement was completed?

Yes, The FFS was completed 2 weeks back, I had to pay 24 K INR after that they sent me a mail with the Release and Service Letter.

Ok. Good. Then reply on the same email or contact the same person who sent you the release and service letters and ask for ‘Skill letter for Green card’.
They will initiate your process themselves or connect with the corporate HR team.

Actually i got the Release and Service Letter from, when i replied to this email address, it bounced back with an auto generated email.

I have now sent a mail to, i hope they respond asap.

Is there a way to create a request from Alumni portal?

You can check Alumni portal if it has an option. I am not sure.

Hi Anil,
Finally sent me a mail with the template and asking for approval from BRM.

I have sent a mail to my BRM, but he is not responding.
What can be done if the BRM does not send the approval mail ?

Congratulations. Things do move but a bit slowly.
The problem now is to talk it through with your BRM and get the approval. The HR is not going to help here at all.
You will have to drive this conversation with BRM.

In fact, you could have chosen anyone other than BRM too who was 2 designations above your last designation with TCS. That would have worked too.
BRM’s are specifically at onsite and may not respond well most of the times. It depends on what kind of relationship you have and what notes you left the company on.
Call, email or talk to BRM. That’s the only way out now.

My BRM finally gave the approval.
But TCS has changed the process a little bit. They also want my current employer send a mail to get the letter.
My employer has sent the mail to TCS team, hopefully i should get the letter this week.

They have also added a clause in the skill letter as – (Please note: Skills and responsibilities specified are as declared by the employee and approved by the last Supervisor. This information is to the best of our knowledge and without prejudice).

I have one more query, not sure if you have any idea about it.
So, my perm with current employer is approved, but the previous designation mentioned in Perm was Computer Programmer(i gave this as that was my role for H1B).
Also TCS address provided in Perm is of the office in NJ.

Now TCS is going to provide me the letter with Mumbai Address and the designation as TCS designation.
I am worried if that is going to create any issues in i140 filing.


Thanks for sharing the feedback. It is indeed pretty useful for people who will be looking for this information.

The TCS designation does not matter with the PERM and i140 filings. The designation is company specific and can be different and is just a tag.
The job duties is what matters in the PERM and i140 approvals.

I have question for you:
Which email address does TCS asked your employer to send a skill letter request?
and is there any specific format for this request?
Will the skill letter be made specific to the employer (your current employer)?

I will update the article for future visitors with these answers. Thanks for your help.

There is is not specific format they just want an email from current employer HR/Attorney to be sent to stating the reason the letter is required for.

Not sure if they are going to address the letter to my current employer only.
If that is the case then it is going to be an issue in future job changes.

Following is the 1st email i got which mentions that it is only 1 time activity, so they should not address it to current employer.

Skill Letter Issuance is strictly a 1 time activity & Generated on Request only.
It will be issued only for specific purposes, when it is actually required.
Please have the concerned HR person from your current Employer or your Attorney, initiate a mail to the below listed Email address for the release of your Skill Letter.
Or Kindly provide copies of Visa or Application number.

Following are the instructions, to get the Skill / Experience certificate, along with Template :-

Step 1: Please let us know the purpose of the Skill Certificate.

Step 2: Use the attached skilled template which contain the following details:
• Date of Joining – (this will be as per TCS records)
• Date of Release – (this will be as per TCS records)
• Designation – (this will be as per TCS records)
• Skill set / Role and Responsibilities in bullet points (Maximum 5 points) – (needs to be updated by you)

• No project names, client names, Hours, Time, dates worked for, Country name, Various Roles during Tenure & salary details should be stated while providing the skill set.

Step 3:
• Contact your last PL/GL in TCS and get an approval on the same in email. Seeking this approval and following up with the PL / GL will need to be managed at your end.

Incase the supervisor is not active in the company; you can take the approvals from your GL/ BRM whose grade is higher than your grade and he/ she should be active in the company.

This approval email from the PL/GL has to be marked to along with the attachment in the history.

Step 4: Once the approvals are in place, Corporate Verification team will provide the Soft Copy of the Skill Certificate on the TCS Letter Head in email within 3 working days.

Step 5: Once you receive the same, you can use the soft copy or take a print out as required.

Please note: The attached template is an authorized standard TCS format which works well for various purposes. TCS does not authorize any alternate format to be provided for this purpose.

Note: – Skill Certificate will be issued only once and no changes can be made once it is issued. Hence, request you to please review and provide the details accurately


Ps: Skill Letter would be strictly as per TCS format.

Great. Thanks a lot for your response. I really appreciate it.