How long it will take to receive response on i-140 case?

Hi Anil,

We appreciate great work your are doing and the details hear are very useful.

Meanwhile, I have a specific query on my Case.

I am currently on L1-A have applied for i-140 in 203 EB1C category.
My PD is July-2019 and my i140 is still in the status as “Case was received”.
In many forums I can see that July filers are getting approved (even some Aug-Sept’19 filers.

What do you think? should I start being worried? what is the rate of approvals for Texas? are they catching up?
Some big picture details on the processing would be much appreciated.


Please check here:

Hi Anil

My I140 EB1C was filed and USCIS shows receipt date as 6/Aug.
Processing time shows dates beyond that.
My case was filed in Texas.
I was in L1A and my extension got denied . So, had to travel back to India
Should I be worried about my I140 ?
any thoughts on this

You can raise a service request if your receipt date has already passed the date.

There is no need to worry or take tension. Its normal to see delays in current COVID situation.

Hi anil,

I have 14 monts waiting for my i-140 approval and is still in “case was received”. I never received an RFE or any similar. Im working inside USA they gave me a work permision but i dont know i have to worry because i have a lot of time waiting and i have seen that other cases were approved faster. My priority date is november 4 of 2019 in Texas and my category is eb3.

Thanks for your time, i really appreciate