How many days will TCS take to release if i am on bench?

Hi Anil,

I am on a bench in US but recently got the new project for which they ask to start H1B amendment process.

Meanwhile I got the new offer from other employer who already filed h1 transfer and started premium processing just now.

They asked to join in first week of August based on receipt which is fair enough as per the law.

As I am not allocated to project right now and read reviews of other cases on this blog, if I put the resignation how long it takes for resignation acceptance ? Is it same day or 4-5 days ? If tcs files h1b amendment will that impact h1 transfer if I wait for result ?

Thanks in advance!

If you resign while you are on bench, your chances of getting released within 1 day are pretty high. They won’t wait for 4-5 days, you are an expense for them that they want to get rid of immediately, unless you are billable.
You can join the new company with no issues with the receipt number. Normally, you would get the result within a week.
If you want, you can start the amendment process and resign when you get the transfer approval. The amendment process will not affect transfer. They are two different applications and does not have any impact on each other.

Hi Anil, I’ve have h1b visa stamping with tcs last week i came to usa , so due to budget cuts they have put me in bench now (tcs), I failed to crack one interview just trying to understand what if i dont crack few more interviews
how long i can stay on bench while being on h1b