How much time it takes for PERM audit cases to approve

How much time it takes for PERM audit cases to approve. Perm was filed in March 2019 and audit response was submitted in August. Yet to receive the approval, its been 6 months from priority date. Can someone please help to understand how long does it takes on an average.

Thanks n advance.

Check PERM Audit processing time here:

Hi Anil,

Thanks a lot for your swift response. My case has already passed 6 months time since it was filed and my max out date is less that 3 months now which worries me . As per your experience how long it should take for approval? Also is there any way we can find out if DOL is currently adjudicating which month for audit cases?

Hi @skini

Only your employer can check the current Audit case status online. Ask them to check.

I applied on my Perm labor certificate on Feb 22nd,
Got an audit on May not sure about the date,
And my attorney replied on the audit on July 9th.
Until now I didn’t get a respond on my audit and I’m so worried.
do you have any idea why they taking long time reviewing the application.
my case number is A-19035. which is old now

Hi @Maaw84

There is no specific reason for delays. Audit cases do take more time than normal ones anyway.

Hi Anil,

My PERM was filed on Dec 05 2018. As per my employer, they have received an Audit for my case and Audit was responded on May 3 2019.

My H1B is max out (6 yrs complete) on Oct 12 2019. I do not have any recapturing time available.

Do you think I am still on safer side??? Which date should I receive PERM case result in order to extend my H1B before Oct 12 2019? My employer are ready to file H1B in premium if required.


You would need to file i140 in premium and then file H1B with approved i140 before your max out date to keep staying in USA.

H1B can be filed in regular or premium.

@dyb789 Hi Dharmesh, did you get your case certified?

My PERM PD is March 27th 2019 and as of today DOL is processing Feb,2019 Audits. My H1B is expiring on Dec 20,2019 without further extension as I will complete 6 years by Dec 2019.
My immigration team is saying it may take few more months but I don’t have much clarity.

My employer filed my H4 COS and EAD as back up plan but receipt date for H4 is Sep 6th so I am not much hopeful for H4 EAD getting cleared before Dec 20th, 2019.

Can you please suggest me approximately when can I expect my Audit reply. Also how much time it takes to file for i-140 and H1B extension?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bee

PERM audit is taking an average of 7 months these days.

Attorneys usually take about 1 month to file i140. It depends on your employer and attorney speed too.

If you file i140 in premium, you can get result in 15 days.

Thank You Anil for prompt reply. I got random audit. What is the probability of it getting clear? Also can I stay in US if my I-140 is cleared and H1 b extension is in progress before 12/20?

Hi, I have a very similar case my H1B is expiring on dec 2019 and I am also waiting for my perm audit result. Can you please share your update? It would be super helpful.


You cannot stay in US unless your H1B extension has been filed with approved i140. The best option though is to get the H1B approval before end of 6th year to be on absolutely safe side.

I cannot estimate chances of PERM audit approval unless you can share as to what documents have been request by DOL in audit.

My immigration team didn’t ask for any document from my side. They just said it is random audit.

My employer also filed for H4 Cos +EAD for me so that I can stay in US. My RD is sep 6th and I have very less hope on H4.

Also what will happen if PERM audit takes more than 12/20 in my case?

Random Audit does not mean that no document has been requested. I would be just making a wild guess in the absence of any concrete information about audit.

What do you mean by “What will happen”. Please ask specific questions.