How to apply IGNOU Transcript Online?

Students can follow below steps for applying Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) transcript:

  1. Visit the Official Website**: Go to the official website of IGNOU ( and download the transcript application form.
  2. Navigate to Transcript Section: Look for the ‘Transcript’ or ‘Student Support’ section on the website. The exact location of this section may vary, but it should be easily accessible from the homepage.
  3. Read all the instructions mentioned on IGNOU transcript application form carefully before filling the application form.
  4. This IGNOU Transcript Application form basically require basic details of the students such as name, enrollment number, program/course details, and the address where you want the transcript to be delivered directly.
  5. Fill the IGNOU Transcript form properly with correct and complete details. Rest assured that all information provided by you in this form is correct to avoid delays in processing your request.
  6. Once you will fill the IGNOU transcript form with all required details, you need to attach all the required documents alongwith that application. These documents should include a copy of your Degree/diploma Certificate, Your ID proof, Marksheet copy and WES Acedemic Form/Any other ECA form if any.
  7. Once you have filled out the form and attached the required documents, submit the application as per the instructions provided. This may involve sending the application by Indian Post, Courier service or submitting it by visiting IGNOU Office personally.
  8. There is transcript fee of IGNOU which you need to pay alongwith the transcript application so that they can issue you the transcript. Without fee receipt your IGNOU transcript application will not be entertained. The fee amount and payment details should be mentioned on the website or in the instructions or you can visit What is the Transcript Fee of IGNOU? - Online Transcripts for complete information of IGNOU transcript fee. You can visit Punjab National Bank in the campus of IGNOU for preparing the DD for transcript fee and attach the DD with the IGNOU transcript application form and submit in the Student Section of IGNOU.
  9. After submitting your IGNOU Transcript application and payment you’ll need to wait for around 20-25 working days for processing to be completed.
  10. After completion of 20-25 working days you can visit IGNOU campus Delhi and collect your transcript.
  11. Your IGNOU transcript can be used for various purposes such as higher education, employment, or immigration in abroad countries. Keep it sealed inside the envelope and use it as required. Unsealed transcript is not acceptable to maximum evaluation authorities so keep the transcript unsealed and submit as required.