How to crack pte with 79+

Hi Anil,
Hope you are doing good. My English skill is average only. Kindly guide me how to get 79+ score in pte, which website have to follow, please provide me any materials. Within a month I can clear pte? Please advice.

Hello Sherine,

I will share with you my experience on how I cracked it and I hope this will help you as well.

To begin with, I booked the PTE Exam. This gave me a target date and made me take the exam seriously.

Following this, I watched PTE section overview on Youtube by E2 PTE Academic channel by Jay. That guy is phenomenal. Make sure you watch each video wherein he describes briefly on what each section of the exam is.

Channel link:

After that, I watched detailed explanation for each section on the same channel. Some of the videos are over 1 hour in length, but very helpful. It took me about a week or so to complete all of the videos.

I then went on PTE website and bought the practice test exam package, you have 3 exams for USD 79.99. I took the first exam to get an idea of how I scored. This helped me focus on some of the areas. I need more preparation on ‘Describe the image’ section. So I went back to Jay’s playlist and watched the videos and then followed up with several other videos on youtube.


Now here is what I did that gave me more confidence. I went on Netflix and watched several Aussie shows on there. Best thing that I did - disable subtitles. This gave me a better understanding of the accent and pronunciation. I cannot begin to explain how much this helped me in understanding various accents that you get to hear in the exam. Some Aussie shows that I definitely recommend: WANTED, PINE GAP and SECRET CITY - you get to listen and understand wide range of Aussie accents.

About a week before the exam, I subsribed to the PTE Academic app and started to randomly take tests on it. This helped me gain confidence. I followed this up with the remaining 2 exams on PTE side. I was scoring around 85 consistently. So I was sure of taking the exam.

For Android:

For iOS:

A day before exam - I watched several prep videos that had sample questions for each sections. There are some vides that have 50+ sample questions. They were very helpful.

Below was my PTE score:

Overall: 90

Listening: 90
Reading: 83
Speaking: 90
Writing: 86

I was elated looking at my results. I’m sure even you will be. :slight_smile: All the best!

Cheers, Mithun


Hi @Sherine_V_B

I have given my tips and notes for PTE preparation here.

Hello Mithun,
Many thanks for your valuable reply. I attended two mock tests, twice same score 51. Anyway I will practice according to the tips suggested by you. Thank you!!!

Hello Anil,
Many thanks for your valuable reply.