How to do Australia PR Medical Test (189, 190 Visa for Adult, Child)

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Australian PR medical test is required for everyone applying for Australian PR using an 189 / 190 visa. Medical Examination (Adult, Child) –The doctor will perform a Urine test, height-weight, eyesight, ear check by looking, and throat check by looking. Chest X-ray Examination (Adult Only) HIV or AIDS test (Adult Only)Simple Blood-based test to detect…


We have our PR medical tests for 189 visa coming up. My wife is the primary applicant.

She had a neck fusion in 2011 and the doctors final report indicates 25% disability but no permanent disability. The prognosis is positive.

Would this have an impact resulting in a denied visa?

Thanks, Clint

Hi @A_Frayed_Knot

As mentioned on the article, it depends on what the total future cost of healthcare will be in Australia. I have given examples of cases in the article where the Australia immigration has denied PR based on the total cost.

Please read.

There is no way to find out the future cost of a particular disability as far as I know. Immigration officer’s may be using their own tools to find out the total cost.

Hi Anil

We family of three (husband, wife and kid) want to apply for australia PR, husband has starting of CKD with creatinine level 2. Can this be the reason of medical rejection. We are very new to this , Please guide.


Hi @charu_sachar

I am not a doctor and hence cannot say if any disease can have higher cost of treatment or not.

Please read the example cases that i have linked while talking about Australia medical.

G’day Anil,

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Apologies if this has been already answered in the threads, My partner is a Type 2 diabetics and it’s in control and recent check up with GP showed no issues, wanted to understand if there will be any red flag raised or cause for PR rejection on health check terms.

Appreciate your response.

Cheers, Sailaja.

Hi @Sailaja04

Please read the above discussion.

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Hello Anil,

I submitted 189 Skilled Visa in February 2019. In March we had our Medical which was cleared in Immi Account except for my younger daughter. In January 2020, Department of Home Affairs issued Natural Justice Letter & give adverse opinion about my daughter & asked to submit latest reports/tests.

We submitted revised medical tests/reports in February/March 2020 yet, her medical is not clear in Immi Account it says “Health Assessed- wait for further advice from the Department”.

Currently, our status is “Received” in Immi Account. I don’t know whether they will clear my daughter’s medical & will issue us a grant or not.

Hello Anil,

Please update on my query.


Can’t really day what will happen. It depends on what issues you have with your kid’s medical.