How to expedite H4 EAD case after biometrics - losing job

Hi Anil,
I applied for H4 and H4 EAD extension (C26) along with my spouse’s H1b extension under premium processing.

His H1b got approved but in case of my H4 and H4 EAD there is no change of status.
Here are the dates:
Receipt date 05/16/2019
Biometrics: 06/03/2019
Processing Center: Nebraska

When I check my case status,
I see that ‘My case was received on may 16’ and there is no change of status ever since. Its been close to 3 months with no change in status.

My H4 EAD expires on 31stAugust, 2019. I will be losing my job from 1stSep, 2019 and probability looks very likely.
What are my options?
How can i expedite my case?

Is there a way I can schedule an appointment/ interview with USCIS to get my case looked at?
I will appreciate your help here. Thanks.

You can file the EAD expedite request but chances are only 1% that it will be approved.

See this article which shows that USCIS is denying H4 EAD expedite requests without even giving you a chance to prove your situation!

Hi Anil,
Thanks for the information. I know you mentioned the truth but that doesnt motivate me to file for expedite request.
Question: If I file for expedite request and USCIS denies it, does that mean my case is abandoned and need to re-apply my H4 from scratch?

One of my colleagues, her receipt date is 6thMay, 2019. In her case for H4 visa extension, it says
‘Fingerprint review was completed’ but for me it still shows ‘my case was received’.
I haven’t receive any RFE and so a bit worried whether my finger prints were evaluated by them or not.
Thoughts around inconsistent statuses?

Also, when you mention on your forum that fastest case approved was May 19, 2019 , does that mean that they have evaluated all the cases upto that date or they pick any random case.

I will appreciate your take on my questions here.

Hi @omg_h4_delay

Expedite request denial does not mean that you H4 EAD case is abandoned. It simply means that expedited processing cannot be done.

The status online about fingerprints can be ignored. Not all people get the changed status. You are fine.

Fastest case only means the case that has been most recently approved. There can be thousands of cases older than that case which would still be pending without any evaluation yet.

My H4 EAD is pending since 25th Feb 2019. I tried every possible thing to get it approved(congressmen help, expedite the process as financial loss, Raised SR) Any suggestion what should I do?

Hi @Arpita_Patel

There is no other way to expedite now except to join the H4 EAD litigation filed by RN law group.

Hi Anil,

My current H-4 EAD is expiring on 24 September, 2019. I have applied for the renewal of the H-4 EAD on 19 March, 2019. I did not receive my H-4 renewal approval. I have tried to expedite the renewal, USCIS denied expedite request as they said H-4 EAD is not eligible for expedite approval. USCIS website is showing currently they are processing 11 April, 2019 case for vermont center. I have raised service request to USCIS and they said your case is still in processing time therefore, we cant give more information.
My current EAD will expire in next 2 weeks and if that happen then I will lose my current job.
Could you please guide based on your experience, does can i take any additional step to request USCIS to expedite approval process?

Hi @P_S

We have moved your question to this page as your question has already been discussed above.

Unfortunately, there is no way to expedite your H4 EAD at this time other than joining the lawsuit. But, H4 EAD lawsuit does not guarantee a result fast either.

I have contacted local cogresswomen office. They request to expedite the case. Case expedite request denied after 2 days with reason that you did not provide correct justification for case expedition.
I have contacted USCIS multiple time. They transferred phone to higher level representative. Office also agreed that currently case is out of processing time.

Office gave infopass appointment for the USCIS field office. Today we visited USCIS field office. Field officer said they can not do anything in H-4 EAD case.

They advise send them written letter to USCIS with your case condition and request them to expedite.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Current EAD is expiring in third week of September. If I wont receive by time then I have to leave current job.

Do you have any suggestion based on your experience to expedite or receive update from USCIS.

Hi @P_S

I can understand your situation but there is no other way to expedite EAD at this time.

Lot of people are suffering. You can join the lawsuit if you want.

  1. Shall we request to expedite H4 or H4 EAD to USCIS?
  2. Is there any template that can be used to detail financial loss to the employer (for H4/H4 EAD expedition)? What evidence shall we sent to USCIS for that?

Hi @analyst8
Your question has been moved on this page as it has already been answered above. Please read.

Sample EAD expedite letter is available here.

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