How to get FBI Clearance Certificate (Online, By Mail, Outside US?)

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FBI clearance certificate can be applied using 3 different options. FBI Police clearance certificate is the same as FBI clearance Certificate. Apply online: FBI Website, pay fees online, mail fingerprints – Cheapest, very good options. Get a Certificate in 3-5 days. Mail FBI application and fees by post – Slowest method takes up to 14…

When printing this form at home on A4 white paper, do I need to print it front and back, including the Privacy Act Statement? I read somewhere forms without that printed on the back wont be accepted, wondering if this is true and needed?

Yes, you should print it on both sides.

I suggest to buy the FD-258 form from Amazon than printing to avoid issues.

Hello Anil,
Do I need to take FBI clearance certificate to my 13 yrs old daughter who is born in india and she is on H4 visa and our priority date is going to be current soon. Please advise

FBI clearance is optional.

Also, FBI clearance is not required for kids.

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Hi there, Any one knows what is the current processing time for completing FBI validation after the fingerprints are submitted? This has been over 10 days since Fingerprints have been delivered to FBI…

Hi There!

I received the FBI clearance yesterday.
But it is written there that FBI clearance does not preclude criminal record at the state level.
So do I need to now apply for the state level police clearance certificate?

Thanks in advance

Normally, state police clearance is required separately.

Thanks a lot.
I have been looking for the process of getting state specific clearance.
I was in Arkansas and the website of their police dept. says only AR state specific criminal data search does not need finger prints; only needs to fill up some forms.
However, they show sample of criminal search outcomes like how the result should look like.
There it is mentioned on top of the sample report:
“There is no guarantee that the result here relates to the person you are interested in without independent fingerprint verification. This report includes a check of Arkansas criminal history files only.”

I am anyway having FBI clearance which was obtained through using my finger prints.

I am bit confused about these two types of clearances and their statements like:
FBI is saying they do not preclude criminal record at the state level and state police dept is saying ‘There is no guarantee…as record obtained without finger prints’!

Hope, submitting them together will serve the purpose that I do not have any criminal record both at federal level as well as at state level.

Just wanted to discuss the situation with an expert like you.
Thanks in advance!

Whatever clearance state is providing should be good enough (if the final authority wants it) along with the FBI report.

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Thanks a lot for the response👍

Hi Summa,

I am about to start my application for PCC from India. I was in Arkansas too. Just wanted to know, whether your PCC from FBI and state has been accepted without any issue.


Hi Meenu,

I believe this varies country to country.
Which country are you applying for?

For Canada Permenant Residence

Hello even am applying for the Canada PR and would like to know how to do the PCC from Arkansas. Currently i’m in Canada. Could you let me know the steps ?

Hi there!

Here is the link where detailed information has been given on how to obtain PCC from AR police dept.

There are couple of different types of PCC available; I would suggest you to check respective country specific requirements(like for your case it is Canada) before choosing one.

Hope this helps!

PS: I have NOT done it for Canada and also I am currently staying in India.

If i request for FBI clearance certificate from FBI and provide fingerprints can i request for another clearance certificate 1 year later without having to submit finger prints again? Asking this as for Canada its only valid for 6 months and Australia its valid for 1 year. Thanks in advance for your help.

Recently I got my FBI clearance and in the report, my first name got cut (last 3 letters) as my surname and first name are lengthy. Is there any way to correct or I should give a letter of explanation while submitting PR application for canada?

Please let me know