How to Make Money in USA - H1B-H4-L1-L2 - Video 1 Poll

Money Matters

– We are starting a new video series for understanding money matters.
– One video every two weeks.
– We will get people from H1B/L1 community to discuss their real-life experiences with how to do business, invest and create wealth while being an immigrant or on an H1B/L visa in the US.

Video Hosts

  1. Anil Gupta
  2. Taranbir Singh

What to expect

Real-life experiences with a pinch of salt. Some jokes and help with what can be done practically to grow your wealth.


Please respond to this poll and help us understand what topic you would like to understand in the first video.

AM22Tech Ask Money Matters Video 1
  • Investing in Real Estate on H1B
  • Buying a home for staying on H1B
  • How to Start a Business in the USA (H1B/H4 EAD)
  • Get Feedback on My Small Business Start-Up
  • Investment in Stocks (USA)

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You can reply to this topic below and ask your questions. We will answer your question/s in the video.

Your Story

If you would like to share your own success story in the US and appear in our video, please do reply in the comments below and we will contact you.
or you can send an email to CONTACT AT AM22TECH DOT COM privately.


First of all, great initiative!!

Would also like to know if its also suggested to invest in other traditional places other than stock/real state - Like Roth IRA, FD etc. Alos, it would be great to know the flexibility to withdraw money from these investments if we need to go back to India.

Thank you!!

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