How to prove salary if it is paid in cash

Hi Anil,
I studied in australia. I got certificate 3 in retail baking & diploma of business management. I lodged my permanent residency application onshore & that was refused in 2013 & i was banned for 3 years (pic 4020).

Now, I m doing job as a pastry cook at local bakery from last four years in india. I m plaining to lodge my pr application again hopefully subclass 190.

I have 75 points, but i m not getting my salary in my account. I got all my itr’s execpt my bank statement.

What would u suggest that i need to do, so that case officer shouldn’t raise a question about my bank statement or the salary that i m getting in cash from my employer.

Hi @Jimmy_gill

There is no way to prove salary paid by cash that i am aware of.

You have not mentioned as to why your case was denied earlier and why you were banned. How can we suggest anything without complete background information?

My case denied because case officer considered my experience not genuine. I was doing volunteering (not paid) job at the bakery & the employer also denied about my work that i did at his bakery.

But now, my present employer is with me, except he can’t put salary to my account. We are 5 employees & he give salary to everyone in cash mode.

I do not think that your work experience will be counted without salary proof.

Ok, thanks Anil,
What would you reckon, i could use as a salary proof, instead of bank statement & salary slips, because we are just 5 employees working there, so they don’t have any software to generate salary slip’s, your kind help shall be really appreciated.

Hi @Jimmy_gill

All options are given here:

Thanks , appreciated.

Hi Gurus,

According to the new rules after Nov 2019, it is required to provide two proofs for salary, but the first company which I worked 15 years ago gave only payslips and paid me in cash, and there was no payment into the bank or form 16 and neither PF, so how should I prove this, is payslips not enough? do they still consider this if I request HR to provide a letter on their letterhead?

Does this lead to ACS rejection?


Hi @rajyuv0220

Please read above discussion.

Hi Anil,

For my first company where i have worked from 2009-2015 i have below documents :

  1. Letterhead : Roles and responsibility
  2. Payslips : 14 approx
  3. Offer letter
  4. Relieving letter

But that company was giving me salary in hand, so i don’t have any bank statement, Form 16, 26 AS

Kindly advice what can i do to get positive ACS assessment.

Thanks in advance !

Hi @chandan_chaudhary

Please read above discussion.