How to reply to CO? No email address provided

Hi I have received an email saying as part of background checks, they were unable to reach HR on the number given or no reply on the email they wrote to. And asked to provide justification to this in writing to below (no email id mentioned) how can I send email to the CO?

You can reply to same email address that you received email from.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your response.

The email from which I received it says So assume I can’t use that email id to reply. Should I upload my reply in doc format in Attach documents section?



Hi @Aparna_V

Looks like uploading is the only option. Usually, they do give an email address in the instructions attached to your email.

Hi Anil, thanks for your prompt response. She mentioned reply back in writing to below. Bottom of the letter on each page says Contact via: homeaffairs/immiaccount and gsm Adelaide address. Does she mean I need to write a letter and post it? Uploading should be an option right, given it’s quicker?

It means that you need to contact them via your immiaccount contact options.

You van upload the documents. I don’t think mailing paper post is required.

Nowhere in the whole process of Australia PR, do they ask to mail any paper documents.